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Your care visit: what to expect

Your care visit will depend on the level of care you need and want, and will have been designed around your care assessment. Outside of the core activity, every visit follows a set framework. Here’s what you can expect:

On arrival 

You’ll know when to expect your Care Practitioner as you will have a schedule emailed to you every Friday. You’ll be able to recognise your Care Practitioner immediately because they will be wearing our trademark pink uniform and have an ID card visible on a lanyard around their neck. Punctuality is important to us, and a sign of respect, so on the rare occasions that you carer might be more than 30 minutes early or late, we’ll phone to let you know.

The visit

Your Care Practitioner will greet you with a smile, wash their hand & don their PPE before supporting you with any tasks. We are innovative here at L A Care meaning we use a mobile care app. The Care Practitioner can read up on your previous visit notes, care support plan, risk assessments and any other required information prior to the visit meaning time isn’t wasted with them reading through a file in your property. Once they’ve got their PPE on, they will log into the visit using a QR code in your pink file (yes, of course it’s pink!)

Next is the bit of the visit that can vary enormously, but duties may include any of the following:

Medication support

Personal care

Trips out

Household tasks


Your carer is instructed to wear gloves for certain tasks: blue for food preparation and white / clear for medical or personal tasks.

Once the tasks in the care plan are complete, they will ask if there’s anything else you need (if there is time available). It’s always our aim to give our Care Practitioners the time they need to provide appropriate care, we never rush in and rush out. This is your opportunity to have a chat, to ask about anything, have an extra cup of tea or even get your carer to take your dog for a walk / arrange a new prescription / put the bins out / clean the fridge / do some ironing / drop you off at the hairdressers.


Above all, we’re here to help you – so please make the most of it!

The end of the visit

At the end of the visit, your Care Practitioner will check off activities and complete a visit note all within the mobile care app. They will let you know what they are doing as we appreciate to some, seeing the team on their mobile phones may come across as being rude. It’s a crucial communication tool for other Care Practitioners, relatives, doctors and health visitors. The Mobile Care Worker app will be used to ‘log out’ of the visit to notify us that they’re leaving.

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